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Traditional products of Provence

Thème : Gastronomy - Auteur : Daniel (02/02/2016)

Provence is also products with the smell of sun. These products, you will discover the Provencal markets during your next holiday in a villa Provence Villas Selection ... but here's a preview of what awaits you.

For gastronomy

- Olive oil: there are many in Provence olive oils of very high quality. C ertain to be making the right choice, choose preferably olive oil from Provence AOC.

- The olive and its variations (tapenade): There are a wide variety of olives in Provence (cailletier, grossane, salonenque, Picholine, aglandau etc.)

Beauty aside

- The soap: the famous all-natural soap, loved our grandmothers. It cleanses without irritating the skin and makes the miracle even more clothing stained.

- Lavender: in addition to its color and its scent, lavender has soothing and antiseptic. It therefore falls within the composition of many care and beauty products.

Hand craft

- The figurines: these small clay figures painted by hand are typical of Provence.

- Basket weaving: baskets, baskets and other wicker come bring warmth and style to decor

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