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Provence Villas Selection: helping you with your holiday

Thème : Holiday house rental - Auteur : Jacques (03/29/2019)

Provence Villas Selection represents over twenty years’ experience in the holiday rental sector. Above all, though, these are three words that mean something:

‘Provence’, because it is the region close to our hearts, because for many of you it is your dream destination, and because it welcomes you all year round thanks to a temperate climate with lots of sunshine. We have chosen to operate only in this large south-eastern corner of France for two reasons. First, because we know the area - indeed, we are convinced that certain destinations will suit our clientèle better than others by virtue of their natural environment, as well as their cultural and social setting. The second reason is the variety of landscapes in Provence, which means we can offer you holiday homes by the sea or in the countryside, but always close to places of interest.

‘Villas’, because the holiday rentals we provide are comfortable, with a swimming pool and an attractive garden. The selection of properties on offer is the result of numerous conversations with the owners. We make it a point of honour to ensure all participants in the rental project are on the same wavelength. This is backed up by the trust that can only be built if we demonstrate unfailing commitment. That’s why we make several trips before offering you a holiday home: to check the size of the property, its security and its compliance; to take high-quality images so that you can discover the house and site in their entirety; and to make an accurate, detailed description of the property in question so that you can have all the information you need at your fingertips when booking your holidays.

‘Selection’, because we are committed to selecting the properties offered to you and the owners we work with. With over 15 years’ experience behind us, we know what’s at stake in holiday rental, and we know the peculiarities of the sector - one that is only sustainable if the different partners opt to put their relationship on a long-term footing. We attach great importance to personal relationships based on trust and mutual respect. We let out quality properties, and we go about it in a rigorous and well-organised way. Our customers’ satisfaction is paramount, and our reputation is built on that principle.

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