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General Insurance conditions

Information bulletin regarding insurance policy n° L16/AEL/1032.176 subscribed with AM TRUST for coverage of parties booking reservations.


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R.C.S Evry 827642356 – SIRET 827642356 00022 - Code APE 6622 Z – Orias n° 17002203 -
Financial cover and Professional Civil Liability Insurance in compliance with articles L.530.1 and L.530.2 of the Insurance Code.
This contract is represented by the SUBSCRIBER - 4321 :
Provence Villas Selection Sàrl
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is for the following insurance coverage:

Definition: The Insured is the person who reserved the accommodations, his spouse or common-law spouse, their ascendants or descendants, sons-in-law, daughters-in-law, brothers, sisters or designated persons.


1 - Risks covered: Damage to property as a result of fire, explosion and water damage up to € 25 000 €.

2 - Window breakage: Up to € 2,500, € 250 of which is for temporary closing costs. Relative deductible of € 100 per claim.

3 - Other damage to property rented from the owner: Up to € 2,500 for all claims during the period of occupancy. Relative deductible of € 100 per claim.

4 - B cover under special agreements up to € 1,500,000 for each renter’s liability vis-à-vis the owner ; up to € 500,000 for recourse of neighbours and third parties.


Refund of sums paid, and coverage of sums due on the TOTAL price of the reservation less the insurance premium and administrative costs, including additional services billed for the rental that the Insured must pay if cancellation occurs as a result of any of the following events:

1 - Serious illness or injury, or death of the Insured.

Serious illness or injury is defined as any deterioration in the state of health or any bodily injury that prevents the Insured from leaving his home or the hospital where the Insured is treated on the departure date, documented by a sick leave certificate or a medical certificate specifying the aforesaid impairment or the cessation of the activity which is the principal purpose of the reservation.

Relapses of illnesses or injuries that were previously stated are covered if the illness or injury involved has not exhibited any symptoms within the MONTH prior to the date of booking.

Regarding claims for Illness/Injury that put the Cancellation cover into play, the Insured must give the company’s Physician/Inspector access to his medical file, otherwise no cover will be provided.

2 - Fire, explosion, theft, water damage or any natural event resulting in significant damage to the Insured’s home that occurs prior to his departure or during his occupancy and which requires his presence at the place of the incident or in his secondary residence or company that he owns.

3 - Inability to take possession of the rented property as a result of the Insured’s redundancy or transfer, provided that the date of the triggering event is subsequent to the date of booking.

EXCLUSION: Dismissal for misconduct.

4 - Inability to travel to the resort by road, rail or air, on the day of the beginning of the trip and without 48 hours thereafter as a result of barriers, strikes, floods or any natural event blocking traffic as attested by the competent authority ; traffic accident involving the Insured, theft or attempted theft of the Insured’s vehicle.

5 - As a result of changes in the dates of vacation by the employer of the Insured, provided that the notification is subsequent to the date of booking.

6 – Lack or excess of snow:
This cover is applicable only after a bulletin announcing a total lack of snow has been published by an approved entity regarding the resort itself if it is a member, or if that is not the case, by the closest one as the crow flies.

A lack of snow in the winter sports resort of the place of accommodation is established within 48 hours preceding or following the date scheduled for the beginning of the rental by the closing of more than 2/3 of the ski runs and lifts announced in the aforesaid snow bulletin.

This cover applies only within the official dates during which the resort and the ski slopes are open.

7 – Prohibition of access to the site or the rented premises due to pollution, a state of natural disasters or forest fire.

8 – Administrative summons, medical summons, obtaining of a job by the party booking the reservation or his spouse (common-law spouse).

9 – Death or serious injury or illness of the person substituting for the Insured or spouse (common-law spouse) at work or of the person taking care of minor children.

10 – Cancellation by the owner due to his death or serious illness or injury, transfer of ownership as a result of transfer or sale, or damage to the premises preventing the rental thereof as a result of fire, explosion, water damage, theft, vandalism, storm, natural disasters, etc.


Refund of the price of accommodation, the amount of which will be calculated pro rata of the period not used as a result of interruption due to one of the events listed in the cover for cancellation - & 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.


It is agreed that the cover does not apply in the following circumstances:

Illness or injury of which the Insured was aware when he booked the reservation, which resulted in treatment during the month preceding the date of booking.

Pregnancy, except for any complications due thereto, miscarriage, child delivery and the consequences thereof. With respect to spa treatment, the need for a cosmetic (except after an injury or illness) psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment, including nervous breakdown.

Illness or injury due to alcoholism, intoxication, use of medications, drugs or narcotics that are not medically prescribed.

Injury incurred while engaging in sports: air sports, bobsledding, skeleton, climbing, ice hockey, automobile sports and diving.


The Insured is bound only by the complete text of the contract ; it can be consulted only through the Subscriber, who has it available for consultation.

Provence Villas Selection Sàrl
Technopôle 1
CH - 3960 SIERRE (Switzerland)
Tel. in French and Spanish:
+33 970 405 199
Tel. in English and German:
+41 225 754 594
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Provence Villas Selection Sàrl

Technopôle 1

CH - 3960 SIERRE (Switzerland)

Tel. in French and Spanish:

+33 970 405 199

Tel. in English and German:

+41 225 754 594

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